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Rhema at a Glance


A Rhema education is so much more than just information, it is an experience.

At Rhema Christian School, our main focus is to ensure our students receive an excellent education. The Rhema community is like a family. From junior kindergarten through grade eight, our students learn to love and respect themselves and each other, their neighbours, their community, their environment, and their faith.

Learning at Rhema is fun.


We have very high standards, and we know children learn best when they are engaged and interested. We expand their learning with hands-on experiences and bring projects alive with special activity days.

I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen. Not because I see it, but because I see everything by it.

C.S. Lewis

School is more than a place where one learns about math, science, history, or languages.

School is a place where children begin to develop as people. They learn life lessons and begin to develop their own opinions and morals. At Rhema, children learn friendship, trust, perseverance, and hope. They learn that God can be found not only in the Bible and during prayer, but also between the lines of an old poem, in a math equation, or through an art project.


Rhema is a place where God’s creation and His love are explored daily, and in everything that is learned. For years education has been an important part of society; the environment in which one learns is as important as what one is learning.

We believe the How is just as important as the What

Students aren’t the only ones who benefit from the Rhema experience.


There are plenty of opportunities for parents to get involved as well. Moms and dads are encouraged to help out in the classroom and on school trips. Parents can get involved in fundraisers and attend numerous school events designed to keep them active and connected in their children’s education.

Rhema also gives parents and students alike the opportunity to get involved in the community. Whether it’s serving at a seniors’ dinner or singing at a Remembrance Day service, Rhema provides many opportunities to give back to the community. Matthew 18:20 says, “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” Rhema is more than just a school,  it is a community, a place of worship, a refuge. It is a place where God’s spirit dwells. Rhema is an experience!


Why Rhema?


By integrating Christian principles into the curriculum our children learn how to make and build healthy relationships, manage their emotions, and understand own abilities.


Research is now proving the importance of teaching “emotional literacy” naturally. This approach assists our children in growing and maturing into happy, confident, balanced adults who are able to make sound decisions, cope with conflict and adversity, and form lasting relationships.


We know we fulfill our students’ spiritual needs – it’s what we do best. We make sure our curriculum is current, relevant, stretching, and creative so that their educational and physical needs are met too. We encourage fun and play during learning – after all, that’s what children do best!


We believe every child is special simply because God loves them.


Everything we do at Rhema reflects this. Rhema is a safe place for students to explore their faith and beliefs. It is safe for them to explore worldviews and compare them; and always a safe place for them to experiment with how they think about today’s culture. At Rhema, students can begin to think about how they fit into that culture and the role they have to play.


For this reason, a Rhema education builds self-esteem and self-discipline. Rhema students graduate feeling prepared for the challenges of high school and feeling confident in who they are. They graduate with an excellent education, wonderful memories, and firm friendships.


The majority of our families are from a Christian background, but not all of them.


Many families without a strong personal faith appreciate the standard of education at Rhema and value the Christian principles their children witness and learn in a loving, family-oriented environment.


Please contact us to find out how affordable a Rhema education can be. The true cost may not be as much as you think, and there is assistance available that your family may qualify for.

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