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Physical Education



Phys. Ed. is part of the curriculum in every class from K–8 with daily involvement being the goal, with mandatory Phys. Ed. dress code, all of which raise the level of importance of this part of the curriculum. Every student is required to participate, and is formally evaluated with respect to certain expectations. These expectations include knowledge of various individual and teams games, development of skills required for these games, understanding and demonstration of cooperation, understanding and demonstration of fitness and health, and active participation.

At Rhema, we believe that physical education is an important part of a child’s development. Because of this, we provide various opportunities for our students to learn about themselves and their physical abilities.

Intramural Games


Intramural games are considered an extra-curricular part of our program at Rhema. Intramural games are held at lunch recess and can include grades 1–8, depending on the game. Participation is completely voluntary and is not based on skill level. Intramural games are typically team based and offer a chance for students to develop and practice skills that have been taught in the required Phys. Ed. program in a fun, yet competitive way.

School Teams

  • Rhema competes in both the local Catholic school league and the area Christian school league, as well as in various tournaments. Our school teams generally include grade seven and eight students. We do, however, enter a co-ed grade five and six soccer team in the Catholic tournament.

  •  School teams are competitive in two ways–competitive in that there will often be tryouts in order to be involved, and that games played with other schools are competitive.

  •  School teams are a part of our program in order to allow students who demonstrate the required level of skill and attitude (desire to learn, etc.) to play at a more competitive level.

  • The desired outcomes for our school team program are to encourage students in their talents–individually and as a team; to instill confidence in their skill and confidence to try out for teams when in high school; and to learn to compete in a way that honours God (winning gracefully and humbly, losing gracefully and respectfully).

Kids layin hockey at rhema
Coach drops ball during gym at Rhema
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