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Our junior and senior kindergarten programs run full-time with a part-time option available for JK. Contact the school for details on part-time options. Our senior kindergarten students will graduate to grade 1 at the school closing/grade 8 graduation program in June. Registration for both JK and SK is held in the spring.


When your child is ready to come to school it is an exciting time for you and your child! Their first formal experiences at school are the foundation for spiritual, social, emotional, and cognitive growth throughout their educational journey. It should go without saying that parents want their child’s very first classroom experience to be a very positive one. At Rhema we want that too.


Junior and Senior Kindergarten

Each child has different abilities, tendencies, and experiences; each child is created by God as a unique individual!  Kindergarten at Rhema encourages the development of all their gifts and talents. We know our kindergartners need to move around frequently.  The need to talk and listen. Many kindergartners are shy, so we help them navigate through uncertain experiences. Some kindergartners are outgoing and uninhibited.  We’ll help them adjust to group dynamics. The activity centers are flexible and adaptable to the different themes around which the program is presented. Communication and Language Development will be taught through stories, songs, reading books, drawing pictures and learning letters and numbers.  Reading books is crucial for developing young minds and we encourage families to read together every day. Time spent reading and writing together creates a special bond between family members. Learning at Rhema is always fun and we invite our families to join in the learning experience too!

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