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Our Board


Why a Board and what does it do?

Rhema Christian School is an independently operated Christian school. This means that it is owned and operated by a non-profit group called the Peterborough Christian School Society (PCSS). The members of the PCSS are eligible parents who have children enrolled in the school and other supporters of Christian day school education.


This school society is quite large and so it has approved a constitution and annually elects members to a governing Board. This Board oversees the affairs of the school society and governs the work of the school. The Board members are elected to three-year terms. These Board members are very committed to Christian education and in particular to Rhema. They meet regularly (monthly or more) and have a number of designated people from whom they hear reports about the operation of the school.


The Principal of the school sits as an advisor to the Board but does not have a vote. The Principal has the operating authority of the school as it is delineated through the policies and motions of the Board. They are responsible solely to them.


The Board also has a number of committees whose mandates involve many areas of the school and again are intended to keep the involvement of the constituency at a high level.

As you enter the Rhema community you will be encouraged to find involvement through the committees and perhaps in time at the Board table.

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