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After School Program


After School CARE Program

Rhema Christian School has its own on-site after-school program, known as the CARE Program.  It is available to Rhema students for a fee, every school day from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. During their time in the CARE program, students will have a healthy snack, play games, do homework, make crafts, and participate in gym time.  Our students are cared for by qualified, loving, Christian caregivers.  Our program is flexible and is able to accommodate even the most unpredictable schedules.  There are often opportunities to participate in additional programs during the CARE experience, such as piano/guitar lessons, tutoring, and gymnastics lessons, to name a few. Families find amazing value and peace of mind knowing the CARE program is there to support them in their Rhema experience.

Kids under parachute at after school care program Rhema Christian School
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