Caring is Sharing

Greetings to our Rhema Community!

It was my privilege this Fall to be invited to fill the role of Principal at Rhema Christian School. In the days spent considering God’s call to this position, I asked many questions, gathered information, visited the school site, and engaged in meaningful conversations. My husband and I were certain that this was God’s plan for this time in my life and prepared to embark on a new adventure full of professional and ministerial promise. What I was not prepared for was the impact that this school community was about to make on my life and spirit. As a relative newcomer to Rhema, I have two observations that I would like to share with you today:

1. IT’S ALL IN A NAME: Rhema Christian School
Rhema describes our mission, vision, and character. The Greek word, ‘rhema’ literally means ‘the thing said’. It is used to refer to a message from God given to his creation that quickens and stirs. Different than the general word, ‘logos’, ‘rhema’ is a word spoken to an individual for a specific purpose or task. At Rhema Christian School, our goal is specific for each student. We strive to provide opportunities for each child to discover their specific talents, gifts, and abilities, as God has equipped them. Rhema is about enlivening the child, helping each student form an identity of value and worth as God sees them: whole, able, uniquely designed for His purposes. As students are valued, they find confidence. As students are welcomed to a caring community, they flourish and dare to dream big dreams. Rhema’s enlivened word to students is ‘you belong here’. They belong with God; they belong with teachers; they belong with each other. It is this specific, living word of ‘well-belonging’ that provides the safe place for learning to flourish and for confidence to soar. We are all that ‘rhema’ is meant to say. Our message to students is dynamic, alive, and relevant today. Commit yourself to your best day, every day, at Rhema.

Christian is our ethos. Christian describes our guiding beliefs, our intentional character, and our core ideology. Everything that happens at Rhema is bathed in prayer, dedicated to furthering the faith walk of our students, and held to the scrutiny of Scripture. Jesus Christ is personal in our lives, and it is our mandate to walk boldly in front of our students declaring the Word of God as the foundation of all we do. We gather together as a staff twice weekly to share God’s Word and commit ourselves to the Lord. We pray for a hedge of protection around our students, our building, our families, and our future. We are not just faith-based, we are Christ-centered. We seek to resolve student conflicts through restorative practices that teach accepting responsibility and offering forgiveness. Our commitment is to infuse daily learning goals with the truths of God’s Word, the practice of discipleship, and the attitude of Christlike love.

School is our purpose. We exist to provide dynamic learning opportunities based on high standards of professional practice, in a safe, caring, and stimulating environment so that all students may cultivate their God-given gifts and talents. Our staff is a committed group of professionals with whom it is a privilege to serve. We learn from each other and maintain a growth mindset, committed to be life-long learners in our craft, and life-long disciples in our faith. Rhema’s School Vision states that we will “prepare students to influence their world for Christ.” We grow leaders who will be ready for tomorrow’s challenges by nurturing deep roots in effective strategies, skills, and experiences. At Rhema, we celebrate growth, recognize achievement, and encourage engagement.


The ampersand is a powerful symbol that connects any two truths, that otherwise might not be viewed as congruent. In the late 18th Century, the ampersand was used to designate a total truth. Rhema Christian School exists in the meaning of the ampersand:

Rhema Christian School is celebrating 40 years of strength and faithfulness
& Rhema’s future depends on donors like you continuing to support our vision and mission.

Rhema Christian School boldly stands as a testament to God’s provision & we are praying for financial partners to walk together with us this year.

Our students and families thrive in the well-belonging they experience at Rhema & our ability to make this Christian education available requires donor support.

Rhema Christian School needs your help this year to meet our financial obligations. We are in the business of providing students with a dynamic learning environment in a community that cares, and staff with facilities and training to meet student needs. We stand amazed every day in God’s presence, witnessing students’ lives being changed in our school. Rhema is committed to Christ-centered educational excellence that gives students room to grow, room to dream, and room to imagine their best future, all held in God’s mighty hands.

We are strong & we need your help to grow stronger, dream bigger, and reach farther. Rhema Christian School: 40 Years Strong. Ready to grow stronger with God’s help.

Here’s how you can give: etransfer to titled “Caring is Sharing”; Cheque made out to: PCSS c/o Rhema Christian School;

Call us or stop by: 705 – 743- 1400. THANK YOU!!

Together for Kids, Wendy Holmes, Principal