Caring is Sharing


“Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge HIM, and He SHALL direct your paths.” Prove 3:5,6 #lean-in


Greetings from Rhema Christian School! This is your “Giving Tuesday” message, in which it is my privilege to share with you the many celebrations and also the needs of our school this year. Let’s just state the obvious: Every parameter for operating an exemplary Christian school changed this year in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. At Rhema, however, we stand on the unchangeable, unwavering truth of God’s Word: He is able when we feel weak. He is present when we feel alone. Our God is sufficient when we are perplexed, overwhelmed, and seeking wisdom to decide a way forward. We stand strong and able only because of Him. Rhema is here this year because our faithful God continues to have His almighty hand on our school. “Rhema”, the spoken word of God, continues to be experienced by our staff, shared with our students, and embraced by our families. We are thankful beyond measure. At the same time, we are looking to our partners for help.


As any family does, let’s share our celebrations and our needs together:


CELEBRATION #1: Our Staff and Students are Amazing!

During the mandated closure of our building last spring, our students were kept engaged and continued learning every day through the herculean efforts of our staff. Our teachers more than met the mark! Offering daily, live, interactive classes, students continued to grow and develop despite the physical distance from the classroom. Rhema ONline rose to be an example of excellence through our laptop program for student learning, spiritual development, and family support. This year’s testing results revealed the benefits and growth that students achieved while remaining engaged with our teachers. Rhema parents were steadfast and the results were more than satisfying. Our response to Covid has maintained our enrollment, attracted new families, and solidified many new relationships. We thank God for each member of our Rhema family! Covid may have closed our building, but Rhema stayed the new course and thrived.


NEED #1: Operating Costs Exceed Tuition Dollars

This year, we are operating under the protocols of our carefully researched Rhema Re-entry Plan. Our local Board of Health, after many drafts, accepted our proposal to mitigate risk mid-August. classroom reconfiguration began, and ‘Learning Bubbles’ were formed. Our Plan required hiring additional staff, establishing new cleaning routines, and maintaining small class sizes. With great excitement we prepared to reopen our building. Our mandate is to make Christian education affordable for as many who wish to be here. We are here to meet the needs of the whole child, just as God created them to be. For those reasons, our tuition fees are reasonable. Our expenses go far beyond tuition revenue, however, so we need your support to offset the costs of operating in our ‘new normal’. Your gift is God’s provision for Rhema. #lean-in

CELEBRATION #2: The Rhema Spirit is Strong!

We celebrate that God has kept the Rhema community spirit strong throughout Covid. During Online learning, Friday chapel continued to engage families from their homes, our Mom’s Group met regularly giving support and inspiration, our media platforms continued to spread the word of Rhema’s good work for kids. Parents had a front row seat for all that took place. Now we are back inside. We have just celebrated 60 Covid-free days at Rhema since reopening on September 8! We are thankful for God’s protection and provision. Thoughtful planning has allowed family events: The Amazing Car Rally brought us together outdoors on a beautiful Fall Saturday; Rhema Apple Pies were made after school in time for Thanksgiving sales; the OPP Kids program was shared in Grade 5 /6 and 7 /8, and we’ve just launched our Missions Outreach to Honduras: Water 4 Water Phase 2. Rhema remains true to our Vision and Mission, even under Covid’s new conditions.


NEED #2: Our Budget Needs Your Help!

While the focus remains on nurturing students and their families with God’s message of love, many Rhema events have needed to be cancelled. We missed our Spring Silent Auction dinner, our anticipated 40th Anniversary Alumni gathering, and many other fundraising events that could not be adjusted to fit pandemic protocols. The Thrift Shop temporarily closed its doors, losing valuable income, minimizing donations this year to Rhema. As a result, we are looking at a large deficit in our budget this year. We KNOW God is able. The need is big, but our God is bigger. Your financial support is needed to meet our fiscal deficit, but more than that, it speaks to our staff that you are emotionally and prayerfully standing with us through this time of incredible adjustment. Our teachers are front-line workers, welcoming each child with love and trust into their environment. We once again need you to tell us that you believe in Rhema; that through this difficult race with face masks, health risks, and distancing, we are not running alone. We are looking for our cheering section! #lean-in together


CELEBRATION #3: We are Running a Good Race!

Hebrews Chapter 12 states, “Since we have this race set before us; Since we have a God of faith that our forefathers testify of to us; Since we have a great cloud of witnesses; Lay aside every weight; Every snare; Let us run with endurance the race set before us.” (vs. 1,2) We look back at the forefathers of Rhema who believed in Christian education, believed in their children, and believed in the foundation of this school. We have behind us a strong heritage of faith and action. The present is a time of challenge but also a time of steadfast commitment to push past the hindrances, lay aside any doubt, and keep on running the good race. Rhema was ahead of local schools in its planning for re-entry. We continue to prayerfully meet the needs of our students who have been affected by isolation, job loss, family tragedy, and all the questions that have surfaced this year. Yet, with God’s strength and clarity, we are exceeding expectations in enrollment, achievement, social-emotional well-being, while investing in our students’ futures. God has us running his race! By his provision we will finish well! #acknowledgehim



NEED #3: “Lay aside every weight, every snare.” (Hebrews 12:1)

We are excited about the future of Rhema. We are committed to mold, form, and pour a foundation today that will serve our students and families for years to come. Our greatest desire is to be good stewards of all that God gives us. We plan and teach and minister as stewards of God’s youngest treasures. As we look to the future health of Rhema, we are asking you to be intentional. Help us avoid the snare of indebtedness at the end of this year’s race.
Your financial gift will help us overcome the gaps left by closures, cancellations, and additional operating costs during this unprecedented time.
This year our goal for Caring is Sharing is $83,000.

This amount represents the campaign’s anticipated goal of $43,000 PLUS an additional $40,000 needed to replace lost revenues due to cancellations. The impact of your gift would be remarkable. Our students are thriving. Our community is strong. We are committed to run with excellence the course God has called us to endure. God is our strength and our source of help.

We are asking for your prayerful and financial partnership. This is an exciting race! Consider carefully how you can help us run to the finish line this year.

Here’s how you can give:

● Send an e-transfer to: Please make the password: Caring is Sharing

● Send a cheque payable to Peterborough Christian School Society (PCSS), mailed to Rhema Christian School, 29 County Road 4, Peterborough, ON K9L1B8

● Call the school to arrange a visit to donate by Debit Machine. Pre-screening is needed.


We are trusting God to “make our paths straight” together. Lean-in with us this year!


Together for Rhema Kids!

Wendy Holmes

Principal Rhema Christian School