The staff at Rhema Christian School is united in their love for the Lord, their passion for teaching and their dedication to our students. All of our teaching staff, from JK/SK, Primary (1,2,3) Junior (4,5,6) and Intermediate (7/8), are members of the Ontario College of Teachers in good standing.

Our teachers are placed in grades and subject areas according to their qualifications and the talents that God has given them. Their enthusiasm for their students shines through their involvement in coaching, musicals, clubs and other extra curricular activities.

Our teachers are encouraged to continually seek opportunities to grow in their vocation through high quality professional development.

Administration Teaching Staff
Sheila May
Judy Wiley
Kate Lingard
Office Administrator
Grade 1/2:
Lori Wilson
Cindy Ferguson
Business Administrator
Grade 3/4:
Elsa Koopmans
Grade 5/6:
Paul Voskamp
Intermediate (7/8):
Shawn McPhail
Support Staff French Specialist:
Marianne Goadsby
After School CARE Administrator:
Crystal Voskamp
Samantha Cameron
 Teaching Assistant
Mackenzie Cameron
Sheri Harbridge