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Rhema Run

Rhema Christian School will expand its relationships with the Peterborough community as a dynamic, Christ-centred learning community that cultivates our students’ God-given gifts and talents and prepares them to influence their world for Christ.

At Rhema, we strive to place learning and teaching in line with the teachings of God. The Rhema experience fosters God-centred learning for children in Junior Kindergarten all the way through Grade 8.

Deciding where you send your child to school is a process we understand well.


At Rhema, we want to make this decision with you, assuring you that you’re not letting go of your child’s hand, you’re joining it with ours.

We’d love to help you through this process.  Call the school today and we can answer any questions you might have!

About Us

The Rhema Experience

At Rhema, children learn friendship, trust, perseverance, and hope. They learn that God can be found not only in the Bible and during prayer, but also between the lines of an old poem, in a math equation, or through an art project.

The Rhema Experience

What's Happening

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