EXCITING BACK TO SCHOOL NEWS FROM RHEMA- 5 days a week, full days! 
Our goal is to make Rhema a safe and secure learning place for all. While many complexities are still being considered, here are some insights into the pillars of our plan:
1. Screening: Daily Online screening will be required for all staff and students. (More details to follow.)
2. If Unwell Stay Home: If symptoms of illness appear at school, a rigorous protocol will be mandated by public health officials. Keep your child at home if they are unwell.
3.Hand Hygiene: Hand sanitizing stations will be present throughout the school. Hand washing will be routine in classrooms. The sanitization of frequently touched surfaces will occur. 
4.Physical Distancing and Small Class Cohorts: All students will belong to a cohort of maximum 15 students. Additional support staff will be added to our primary grades. Teachers visiting each cohort will do so with health protocols in place.
5.Face Coverings: Teachers, junior and intermediate students will be required to wear face coverings only when outside of their cohort or when physical distancing is not possible. These times are expected to be minimal and last only minutes in a day.
6.Restricted Guests in our Building: Parents and guests will be welcomed as necessary in our main office only. 
 We are thankful for God's blessings as we plan for this school year! A complete parents handbook for the return of school will be distributed online soon! For now, have fun shopping for school supplies, spending quality family time and making summer memories!
Together for Kids! 
Wendy Holmes, Principal,  
Rhema Christian School 

The Rhema Experience

At Rhema, children learn friendship, trust, perseverance, and hope. They learn that God can be found not only in the Bible and during prayer, but also between the lines of an old poem, in a math equation, or through an art project.

Rhema Run

Rhema Christian School will expand its relationships with the Peterborough community as a dynamic, Christ-centred learning community that cultivates our students’ God-given gifts and talents and prepares them to influence their world for Christ.

At Rhema, we strive to place learning and teaching in line with the teachings of God. The Rhema experience fosters God-centred learning for children in Junior Kindergarten all the way through Grade 8.

Deciding where you send your child to school is a process we understand well.


At Rhema, we want to make this decision with you, assuring you that you’re not letting go of your child’s hand, you’re joining it with ours.

We’d love to help you through this process.  Call the school today and we can answer any questions you might have!


What's Happening


2020/2021 Registration is open for all grades, JK-Gr. 8!

Email the school today, info@rhema.ca for your educational consultation!