Since Rhema Christian School is a parent-run school, expectations for parental involvement are high. All parents of Rhema students are encouraged to become members of the Peterborough Christian School Society, which governs the school via an elected board and supporting committees. Membership meetings are held twice annually, and volunteers willing to commit to three-year terms or help out with short-term projects are always prized. Parents are regularly asked to volunteer in the classrooms, drive on school field trips, coach, referee, help with playground supervision and so on. In addition, all families are asked to participate in fundraising activities.

The benefits of parental involvement in Rhema go far beyond reducing the financial needs of the school. By volunteering whatever time or talents they have, parents gain an opportunity to get to know and work with their children’s teachers, friends and friends’ parents, a sense of belonging and greater commitment to the school community, and the satisfaction in giving of themselves for the benefit of others. Sometimes, we even have fun (imagine that!).