JK/SK Programs

Our junior and senior kindergarten programs run full-time with part-time options available. Contact the school for details on part-time options. Our senior kindergarten students will graduate to grade 1 at the school closing/grade 8 graduation program in June. Registration for both JK and SK is held in the spring.

When your child is ready to come to school it is an exciting time for you and your child! Their first formal experiences at school are the foundation for spiritual, social, emotional, and cognitive growth throughout their educational journey. It should go without saying that parents want their child’s very first classroom experience to be a very positive one. At Rhema we want that too.

Faith is an integral part of everything that is taught in Kindergarten at Rhema Christian School and fully supports the faith nurture you began at home. The play-based Kindergarten program at Rhema provides a learning environment that acknowledges a variety of learning styles in children and their range of developmental learning pace. Through structured and unstructured play situations throughout each school day, multiple concepts are taught with developmentally appropriate materials and activities. Through active play, children learn a great deal about God’s world and how they relate to it. Given the right setting, play promotes independent discovery and creativity as well as math, language, and communication skills. When children participate in “hands-on” experiences inside and outside the classroom, intellectual growth is fostered. Through play, children express their emotional and physical energy and their well being. It is our belief, that play is indeed a necessary part of a child’s total development as a person, and playing is always fun at Rhema.


Give your child a head start in school!  Is your child turning 4 this year? Jump Into J.K. is a 5-week program designed with your active youngster in mind. Through arts and crafts, games, stories, and songs, your child will be ready to begin an exciting and life long journey of learning and love for school!

Session Dates: To Be Determined
Time: 9:00 – 11:30 a.m.
Total Cost: Contact Rhema Christian School for current cost.

For more information or to register contact Rhema Christian School at 705-743-1400 or office@rhema.ca