From Our Graduates

“I attended Rhema for ten years, and in those ten years I never truly appreciated Rhema until after they were over. Four years ago today, I would have been anticipating starting high school. I would have been thinking nervously about the days ahead. Was I ready to handle a new school, new kids, and new pressures? Looking back now, I realize that I was more than ready. I worried about making friends; Rhema had already taught me how. I wondered if my teachers would like me; Rhema had taught me to treat all adults with respect. I wondered if I would be able to maintain my faith; Rhema had built a firm foundation, that, I can now proudly say has lasted through four years of high school, and will last through four years of university.

“When I think back on my time at Rhema, I no longer remember specific days, or even moments. Instead, I remember feeling accepted, loved, and cared for.  I don’t remember specific math lessons, or the books we read. Instead I remember learning about friendship, faith and forgiveness.

“I went to Rhema for an education, and I got it. But I wasn’t just prepared for high school and university; I was prepared to live out my faith in a broken world, and to be a part of the solution.

“When I graduated from Rhema, I had a better idea of who I was, and, more importantly, who I wanted to be. And that, I think, is the greatest lesson Rhema ever taught me.”