Enrolment to Rhema Christian School

The Principal of the school has the authority, responsibility and privilege of enrolling students in the school program. 
The following are eligibility criteria used by the principal for determining enrolment:

  1. A suitable program is available for the student – In the case of a child with special needs (physical, emotional, or psychological disabilities), the parent(s) or guardian(s) and the Principal shall agree on how the school will best attempt to meet the needs of the child.
  2. The faculty can meet special needs/expectations.
  3. Adequate information from previous school is provided.
  4. The parent(s) agrees to proposed placement and programs by signing the Enrolment Agreement.
  5. The age of student – Junior Kindergarten children must be four (4) years of age by December 31, Senior Kindergarten should be five (5) years of age by December 31, and Grade One children should be six years of age by December 31, all of the year of entry into the program.
  6. The legal status of guardian.
  7. Payment of tuition.
  8. Acknowledgement of Rhema’s distinctive Christian identity.


Tuition and Fees: 2017-2018


New Family Discount for family in Gr.1-8: 10% off Annual Tuition

Pastor Discount: 50% off Annual Tuition


New Family Enrollment Fee: $500 payable upon enrollment

Student Activity Fee: Covers costs of class trips, based on grade, determined June 1.


  Annual Tuition* Monthly Tuition

(12 Payments)

3 day Kindergarten


$6 000 $500
5 day Kindergarten


$8 000 $667
One Child Family $11 000 $917
Two Child Family $13 000 $1 083
3 + Child Family $15 000 $1 250


*Indexed at 2% per year


Additional Costs

There are some additional costs to be aware of that may apply to your family:

  1. $500 New Family Enrollment Fee.
  2. Student Activity fee – from $60 – $150/child/year, depending on the grade of the child
  3. T-Shirt for Gym – $12 – $15 per child in Junior and Intermediate grades.
  4. Other fees may apply – such as music deposits or yearend school trip for Grade 7/8.
  5. Optional fees such as Pizza Days.
  6. Activity Shirts – $15 -$16 per child depending on size.

Available Tuition Incentives

1.  Parent Marketers Bursary

Our best marketers are our current families!  That is why we have this great incentive!  A $500 credit will be applied to the tuition account of an existing family for each new family they bring in.  To qualify for this discount, the existing family must be instrumental in arranging a tour of Rhema for the new family.  They are not required to lead the tour, only ensure that it happens and is documented.

2.  Pastor’s Discount

Having pastors as part of the Rhema community brings blessings on many levels.  Because of this, we offer a 50% discount on tuition to Pastors that meet the following criteria:

  • Pastor’s rate will be provided in a case where the church is able to provide a letter confirming that the individual is employed (salaried or not) by the church, the church is a registered Christian church with charitable status; and the individual works at least 50% of full time hours within the church.
  • Not eligible for any additional bursaries from Rhema.

Helping to Keep Tuition Affordable

Charitable Tax Receipts

We are able to issue charitable tax receipts.  These receipts are issued for the portion of tuition that is not deemed, by the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), to be our cost to educate a child. This number is approximately $4,500. This means that the size of the tax receipt depends on the number of children that are in your family.  In order to calculate your charitable tax receipt, use the following equation: Tuition Paid – ($4,500 X # of your children at Rhema) = Charitable Tax Receipt Only in cases where the result is a positive number will a Charitable Tax Receipt be given.


Get involved with fundraising.  There are a number of annual fundraising events that take place which rely on volunteers to make them happen. These fundraisers help to lower the cost of tuition.  Volunteers are a vital part of our organization.  Volunteering is also one way of becoming an active part of the partnership between school and home as we educate your children. Get involved where you can, when you can and how you can!


Bursaries may be available upon eligibility.  Please speak to our business administrator, Cindy Ferguson, for more information.