Greetings from the Principal!

I chuckle when I write this message as the words “principal’s office” may evoke a range of emotions long-buried from a grade school memory! Here at Rhema, the principal’s office has become a place to sit quietly, pace, vent, cry, share good news, sing a new song, present an opportunity, pray, shout, laugh and discuss the matters of the day. I truly love the mystery behind the “knock at the door” because there’s always a story!
What I love even more is how these stories reflect why Rhema continues to be the best school in Peterborough for raising children who are ready to face the challenges of today’s world with confidence and hope. The stories are shared between parents and students alike, of how our teachers listen with the intent to understand, of how grace is offered to every type of learner, and how developing a generous, compassionate heart is equally important to the development of the student as is the focus on academics. How is this so? The values we place on developing a well-rounded child, filled with wonder and courage to try, are values based on God’s Word. With teachers who inspire and encourage, with families who are determined to participate in their child’s education, and with a community that is driven to look at the needs of others, Rhema Christian School continues to be a school that honours God and seeks to please Him.
Just as my office has an open door for my staff, students and families, it’s open for you, too. Come in and see how Rhema can be part of your family’s story! We’d love to meet you!


Principal Sheila May