Greetings from Rhema Christian School!

As I begin my journey as principal, I celebrate that I’m in Very Good Hands.  I capitalise Very Good Hands, because they are God’s hands. At Rhema Christian School, we believe that God is in everything we do, say and think.  God is omnipotent, a great word that means “having unlimited power; able to do anything”.  


What an awesome God we serve; one who can do ANYTHING!  As we begin this new year together, I am thankful that as a parent, I have seen my own children grow and flourish in this place, and have witnessed that indeed, God can do anything! God wants to bless every family here, as we raise our families together. Over the years, I have learned the importance of being part of a community, committed to working together in the important task of training children in the way they should go.  

At Rhema, we will spend time in awe of God, watching how He brings us together and how He shows His power.  We will pray over our children, asking God to guide us as we raise our children.  We will pray for our teachers, as they walk beside their students and find the best ways to nurture and inspire them. We will hold our families and our community in prayer, knowing that God can do anything.  

Thank you for joining us on our journey, as we discover who God is, one day at a time.

Principal Sheila May

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